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Date: Sunday, July 19, 2009
Time: 3:56 AM
Fashion Incubator at Parco@Millenia is confirm

Parco/TaFf had selected us to be part of the exciting project – Fashion Incubator at Parco@Millenia. This project will include 20 plus others local designers to have our own small little space to sell our stuffs. This project will provide us with mentorship from the experience company, guiding us on how to run a company and such. Targeted shop opening will be in Apr/May 10.

next NEXT
A launch pad fashion show to showcase & introduce the next wave of cutting edge Singapore designers who are not only creative but are also able to develop & sustain a viable business. Each designer/brand to showcase 12 outfits (all female, all male, 6 female & 6 male, or combination of female & male). Competition in Oct 09.